Black Hat: Improving your odds

1st August 2019

Stuart Reed
VP Products

It’s that time of year again and as we get our chips lined up and cyber chat on point, Black Hat is on the horizon.

The annual Vegas trip for the cyber world is undeniably a unique occasion and this year we’re bringing something new to the party.

We’re going to be telling you about the value of DNS in the security stack. The protocol you use every time you or something else around you connects to the internet is holding a wealth of cyber insight for you to tap into. Not only that, but with the right technology you can use this insight to predict, detect and block threats before they cause harm.

Indeed, as businesses around the world are beginning to digitally transform, the surface area of attack has never been so big, and threats have never been higher; but that’s where the DNS is different. It’s ubiquitous and you already have it. That’s why it offers you an opportunity to make your cyber protection decisions less of a gamble.

Staying with the casino theme, if you think I’m bluffing(!), come along to the Innovation City Theatre in the Mandalay Ballroom where I’ll be joined with Gary Foote, CIO of Haas F1, who’ll tell you his story of how NTX allowed them to tap into cyber security’s best kept secret: the DNS.

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