Digital Brand Safe (In Preview)

Digital Brand Safe is an additional feature of NTX which contributes to the fight against DNS hijacking; the act of diverting the web and email traffic of your organization to fake destinations, allowing cyber criminals to monitor and harvest data as well as gain access to login credentials. The service also highlights potential brand infringements which could be used in phishing campaigns and other fraudulent activities.

Digital Brand Safe combats DNS hijacking in two ways:

Brand Adjacency Identification

Brand Adjacency Identification enables you to monitor for newly created domain names that have adjacencies to your brand. After you provide a set of brand ‘terms’, NTX will calculate a set of likely derivations or terms that are lexicographically similar to monitor, if a new domain is observed that matches one of your ‘terms’ a security event will be generated to alert you to a potentially malicious domain name associated with your own brand.

DNS Hijacking Detection

DNS Hijacking Detection provides you with alerts based on critical changes to chosen domains that could indicate a potential DNS hijack attempt. The domains can be owned by your organization or be connected to you through your supply chain, for example. NTX will monitor the ‘domains of interest’ that you set and will then query authoritative DNS for these domains, store results and then generate a ‘DNS Change’ event upon detecting alterations that cross the predefined threshold.