Demystifying DNS for Cyber Security

DNS plays a critical role in every network – it is the technology standard used to turn humanly understandable domain names into internet protocol (IP) addresses understood by machines.

DNS is easily accessibly to everyone – users with good intentions and the criminally minded alike. The number of attacks exploiting DNS are on the rise, hence organizations globally must pay closer attention to DNS, to detect and respond to attacks to keep secure.

Our Demystifying DNS whitepaper has been created to help you:

  • Understand your DNS better and the role it plays in your infrastructure
  • Learn how attackers can use the DNS as an attack vector
  • Build cyber defences at the DNS, whether you are an organization or an ISP




About Nominet Cyber

Playing an active role at the heart of the internet for over 20 years and being UK CNI comes with a responsibility to deliver online safety and security.

Nominet’s NTX helps you gauge the health of your organization at DNS level and protect against known and unknown threats on your networks, including malware, phishing and data exfiltration.

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