Digital transformation: Top cyber security tips

7th August 2019

Stuart Reed
VP Products

We’ve recently undergone a research project digging into the opinions of more than 270 CISOs, CTOs, CIOs and others in the cyber security space, focusing in particular on digital transformation. We looked at the security concerns around digital transformation, how these can be alleviated and the best ways of ensuring a digital transformation project is both successful and secure.

Below are the top three insights that came from the research:

  • Digital transformation is predominantly an IT-led initiative within enterprises, with more education needed for board level decision makers to support transformation initiatives
    39% of respondents said that the CIO or CTO is the main business sponsor of digital transformation initiatives. Compared to Chief Digital Officer at 18% or Chief Innovation Officer at 10%.
  • Cyber security should be considered at the earliest possible stages of digital transformation initiatives. Where this has not happened, remedial action should be taken fast
    A third of the security professionals we spoke to reported that cyber security was considered during the development of their organisation’s digital transformation strategy (34%), there were many that reported their businesses were leaving it to either the pre-implementation stage (28%), the implementation stage (27%) or even post-implementation of the digital transformation strategy (9%). 2% reported that cyber security wasn’t considered at all.
  • Security teams should seek advice from a broad range of vendors and analysts to ensure a comprehensive security solution
    Most of the professionals who participated in our study reported seeking advice before buying a security solution – and from a wide variety of sources including vendors (53%), consultancies (53%), analysts (52%) and outsourced cyber security providers (40%).

What does this mean for the team in charge of digital transformation, where does cyber security factor in – here are my top three tips:

  1. Consider cyber security early in the digital transformation process
  2. Seek advice from a wide range of experts externally and internally
  3. Use digital transformation as an opportunity to improve cyber security

Digital transformation is opening up new services, business models and industries as a result of the continual innovation it allows. Cyber security is central to this, however, as with all new technologies a foundation of trust is crucial.

Take a look at some of the key statistics from our research in this digital transformation infographic.