Dr Dimitrios Tsivrikos: ‘Stress levels will continue to rise until we address the issue of stress, mental health and well-being at work’

25th February 2020

Dr Dimitrios Tsivrikos
Lecturer in Consumer and Business Psychology, University College London

Given the unstable political, social and technological challenges that we are facing in the new decade, it is unsurprising to see that individuals working in this sector (CISOs) are incredibly stressed. This is very much in line with key psychological findings concerning people working in the security and technology sector and, most likely, we anticipate that these individuals will be reporting some of the highest levels of stress within the industry.

While there have been positive steps in mental health and stress-related issues, the essence of tackling these issues has not received as much attention as needed. While measuring, understanding and incorporating key findings within the work is incredibly important, we also need to consider that there is a lack of research that looks into the work-life balance. Indeed, work-life balance is one of the key components that may contribute to work stress, and a closer look into lifestyle choices, and realizing that people in this industry can provide a great insight will help us to understand how we can support such individuals.

We anticipate that stress levels will continue to rise until we address the issues of stress, mental health and well-being at work. These are challenges that are recognized, but we have to match awareness with a passion for actually tackling stress and allowing employees to live happier and healthier lives. Please find below the top techniques of how to reduce stress in the workplace.

How employees can alleviate work stress:

  • Maintain a positive social life – develop good supportive relationships
  • Exercise – releases endorphins (happy hormones)
  • Maintain a balance between work life and personal life
  • Take control of your stress
  • Avoid unhealthy habits e.g. poor diets.
  • Try to be positive – “try to be glass half full instead of glass half empty”

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