Introducing Digital Brand Safe – a solution against DNS hijacking

5th August 2019

Stuart Reed
VP Products

In a DNS hijack, cyber criminals divert your web and email traffic to fake destinations, allowing them to monitor and harvest all your data and login credentials. To understand more about DNS hijacking, take a look at this blog from our CISO, Cath Goulding.

Governments around the world – including the NCSC and US Government – are warning about DNS hijacking and our position at the heart of the internet gives us a unique perspective and responsibility. Entrusted with running the .UK name registry for over 20 years, we have an obligation to deliver safety and security for domain names. Read more about Domain Watch.

From a cyber solutions perspective, we also now offer dedicated protection against DNS hijacking as part of our NTX platform: introducing Digital Brand Safe.

How does Digital Brand Safe work?

Digital Brand Safe has the ability to look for recently created domains that carry adjacencies to your own brand. Understanding these as they are registered is a useful way to monitor for potential look-alikes, or an indication of a phishing or spear-phishing campaign. The benefit of using Digital Brand Safe as part of NTX is that you can be alerted to these domains and if you wish, create a blacklist so they do not impact users on your network that may unwittingly fall victim to a phishing attack via these domains.

It’s also possible to track domains of interest to alert you to changes that may indicate a malicious incident. Any domain can be on the list – those owned and managed by you as well as others that the organization has trading relationships with, such as supply chain partners, customers etc.

To find out more about Digital Brand Safe, drop by stand 1060 at Black Hat or book a demo.