Security Begins Here: Making enterprises safe for digital transformation

15th August 2019

Stuart Reed
VP Products

Across industries, digital transformation is changing the way business does business. In banking and finance for example, rising customer expectations, added compliance and the arrival of challenger banks are driving every financial services organization to embrace new operational models.

For the old guard, change can’t happen fast enough. When nearly 80% of consumers say they’d consider moving their accounts from a high street bank to a tech challenger, the future of finance is by no means guaranteed.

That’s music to the ears of companies like TransferWise, which is leading the revolution in consumer FinTech by delivering banking services simply and effectively with mobile apps, ditching physical branches entirely.

But whether built on bricks-and-mortar or bits-and-bytes, every organization embracing e-commerce and migrating IT systems to the cloud faces a similar foe: the threat of cyber attack.

We’ve recently launched our Security Begins Here series where CISOs tell us their stories, priorities and advice. Take a look at our first interview with Shan Lee, CISO and DPO of TransferWise today.