Nominet NTX

NTX is Nominet’s network detection and response platform, purpose built to analyze billions of DNS data packets in real time, pinpointing and eradicating malicious activity quickly and effortlessly.

Predict, detect & block infections

Our continuous R&D efforts create powerful insights to predict, detect and block network threats such as malware and phishing attempts to reduce the window of compromise in your network.

Identify DNS hijacking

In our Digital Brand Safe module, you will receive alerts based on critical changes to chosen domains that could indicate a potential DNS hijack attempt.

Improve network efficiencies

Know what good looks like on your network by understanding normal behaviors to spot any abnormal trends.

Threat hunting

Identify malicious domains on average one week faster than other network security solutions to eliminate threats at zero hours.

In-depth forensics

Granular data capture to provide contextual evidence for post-breach forensics, saved for the duration of your service.

Prevent data theft

Mitigate data loss via DNS tunnelling, using machine learning and patented algorithms, designed by our team of experts, to detect anomalies in network traffic.

Easy to deploy

Minimal touchpoints on your network; no specialist hardware to install and no downtime required. Integrate with your SIEM to improve efficiencies in your security stack.

How it works


It takes just minutes to install one of our NTX Collector components on your network. This gives us visibility of your DNS traffic for real-time monitoring and action.


Threats are found and instantly blocked by our unique algorithms, giving your organization immediate protection from known and unknown threats.


All captured threats are visually displayed by attack type, category and IP address. This intelligence is easily integrated into your SIEM platform to enrich data and speed up response time.

Protect your users the way that best suits your business

NTX protect logo

Complete threat monitoring and analytics platform run by your in-house security team, with optional help from our experts.

NTX secure logo

All of the benefits of NTXprotect - along with a fully-managed secure DNS service, run by our team of DNS experts and security analysts.

Request a free demo of NTX

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About Nominet Cyber

Nominet Cyber’s unique cyber security solution NTX protects enterprise and government from malicious attacks on their networks.
For governments worldwide, we provide an innovative Protected DNS (PDNS) service to underpin the network backbone of their critical national infrastructures.
For enterprises, we cut the window of compromise by proactively eliminating network threats before they cause harm, providing the visibility and control required to quickly recover from a breach.



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