Protect vital services with Protective DNS

A new approach to securing Government and Critical National Infrastructure

Cyber security is difficult. Attackers hold many advantages and there are no silver bullets. It’s hard enough if you’re small, even more so if you’re big. How do you protect an entire Government, industry or supply chain? Traditional cyber security approaches won’t cut it. If you’re big, protection at scale – moving the needle – is the name of the game. Designed to protect vital public services, Protective DNS solutions are built into the country’s digital infrastructure, proven to work at scale and easy to deploy. 

What is a Protective DNS Solution?

Every connection between an organisation’s network and the world wide web is present in the DNS (Domain Name System) traffic. This includes visiting a web address in your browser as well as machine-initiated actions, such as a software update. In other instances, it could be a malicious connection.

Nominet’s Protective DNS solutions are designed to intercept when malicious activity is occurring in the DNS traffic and are based around a recursive resolver. Built to answer DNS queries (including those over DoH and DoT), the recursive resolver does not resolve a query if the domain is known to be malicious. Protection is provided against malware, ransomware, phishing attacks, viruses, spyware at source, and malicious sites. They also stop malware already on end devices from ‘calling home’ mitigating the damage of an attack.

Nominet's Protective DNS


Specifically designed for Governments


World-class threat intelligence


Discovery of malicious activity


Blocking of malicious connections


Enable governments to enact early incident response


Offer informed guidance to the public sector

A joined up approach to protection at scale

Capture actionable intelligence based on your own requirements. We work with you to understand the pipeline of activities we need to undertake to deliver a solution tailored to your needs.


Sharpen your understanding of the threat intelligence landscape and gain greater visibility of your networks. Our multi-faceted approach to threat hunting is driven by Intelligence data and our own sources.


Deliver triage, analysis and communication to your end users based on Hunting information. Our service wrap frees up time for your own analysis and complements your incident response.


Share best practices and information with other Protective DNS customers to drive future Intelligence data. Benefit from the insight of international peers to elevate your own cyber defence.

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