RSA – It’s About People

4th March 2020

Stuart Reed
VP Products

RSA is no stranger to a global threat and Coronavirus wasn’t going to bring the cyber world to a halt. Although there may have been fears in the lead up – not least with the huge mobile show, MWC, being cancelled – this year was as good as it has ever been.

This year’s theme was the ‘Human Element’. Almost ironic and wonderfully poetic, considering the number of humans that turned up for this year’s show.

The human factor in cyber is also one not to be underestimated. We believe that to get the most out of both technology and security teams, investing in people and ensuring they are equipped to do their job as effectively as possible is vital.

We recently investigated stress among CISOs, for example, which revealed some worrying statistics not only on the stress suffered by CISOs but around how this was impacting their personal lives and their ability to do their job.

A couple of the headline stats included:

  • 31% of CISOs said stress has impacted their ability to do their job
  • 40% said that stress levels had impacted relationships with their partners and children
  • Almost 9 out of 10 CISOs were either moderately or tremendously stressed

Considering that we’re also facing a skills gap in the security industry, it’s paramount that this working environment changes. We need talented people in these critical positions to not only secure the company but work towards a safer online world.

We believe that the answer lies in connecting more, talking to each other as human beings and sharing our experiences. In that respect we aim to lead by example, with RSA being a case in point. This year we connected with the newest members of the Nominet family, CyGlass, as well as prospects, customers and our budding partner community!

Great show all, here’s to the next one!