The path to embracing cloud-based security

3rd September 2019

Stuart Reed
VP Products

While cloud has brought about digital innovations that define the modern business world, by its nature it requires that teams relinquish control to third parties, which is especially challenging in heavily regulated industries such as finance and healthcare.

However, results from a recent survey conducted by Nominet conclude that 88% of the security professionals surveyed are currently engaging in, or planning to, adopt cloud and SaaS solutions. These responses clearly demonstrate that organizations are well on the way to becoming cloud-first, despite the potential drawbacks.

Cloud Concerns

When embarking on a digital transformation journey using cloud services, it’s vital to consider the concerns and possible blockers to adoption. 56% of respondents expressed that losing customer data was a concern, whilst 54% cited the increasing sophistication of cyber criminals and 52% stated the increased threat surface.

Crucially, our research found that the gap between the perceived risk of cloud services compared to on-premise services is closing. 61% of security professionals thought that the risk of cloud services is the same, or lower, than on-premise alternatives, signifying a growth in confidence and understanding of cloud.

Harnessing Cloud

The ability of the cloud to drive security benefits should not be forgotten by organizations; cloud-based security tools including firewalls (55%), email security (52%), antivirus/anti-malware (48%) and data loss prevention (48%) are being used to protect businesses across various sectors.

When cloud services first hit the mainstream, they were primarily used as a delivery mechanism for software, but as managed services have developed, usage of the cloud has matured to where firms outsource the management of certain aspects of their enterprise like infrastructure, processes or operations.

The Future of Cloud

Cloud allows businesses to move fast and pivot to new market opportunities, all rapidly and at a low cost. But security concerns persist and will likely always be there. However, a shift is visible as adoption rises in businesses that invest in cloud services assured with the highest levels of security, maintained by experts dedicated to combating threats as they emerge.

The move to cloud does not have to be an all-encompassing migration; businesses will want to make the most of existing investments and adopt cloud alternatives once these have reached the end of their product lifecycle. Another factor of adoption is the difference in pace across industries and businesses, which can depend on business models, customer requirements and the competitive landscape. Primarily, modern day organizations need cloud security tools that are flexible enough to secure the enterprise as it is today, and as it will be tomorrow.

Cyber Security with Nominet

Nominet’s NTX solution reduces risk on your network and eliminates threats before they cause harm. NTX analyzes network DNS traffic for both known and unknown threats, embedding patented algorithms to eliminate threats from the network and identify zero-day activity not seen by traditional methods of detection. Nominet’s DNS-based security products play a vital part in protecting network infrastructures of all kinds.

Nominet can support customers regardless of their network infrastructure choices; be it embracing the benefits of cloud, infrastructure on their own premises, or a “hybrid” of the two. We use a holistic approach that analyzes valuable DNS information to provide Network Detection and Response capabilities and eliminate network threats.

Read our Cyber Security in the Cloud report here to learn more about protecting your business.

Cyber Security in the Cloud

Nominet polled the views of nearly 300 CISOs, CIOs, CTOs and other security professionals in the UK and US in order to explore cloud adoption and its relationship with cyber security.

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