‘Too many vendors & not enough security’

20th September 2019

Stuart Reed
VP Products

We attended Gartner’s Security and Risk Management Summit this week and hosted a VIP lunch with prominent European CISOs and CIOs to understand their pain points and get their perspective on what cloud security means for them today.

Conversation was rich and one point in particular rang true: ‘Too many vendors and not enough security’.

Sadly, this is the situation facing many security teams today as they struggle with the management and integration burdens of multiple vendors – which is threatened to worsen with the move to cloud – combined with the increasingly clear reality that the security job is never done.

While there will never be a silver bullet to security, and threats will continue to evolve, diversify and multiply, all hope shouldn’t be lost. It was quite concerning for us that many security professionals are resigned to the fact that they simply can’t wrap their arms around the data they hold and that the future they see laid ahead is one of consolidating, integrating and managing this growing portfolio of security vendors.

To some extent, this may be true; a layered approach to security is the right approach. That said, integration should be seamless and security solutions should endeavor to be as broad reaching as possible in their mission to identify and block threats.

For us at Nominet, this is why having an open API and a series of technological partnerships is so important. We understand that we are part of a broader ecosystem of vendors and whatever we can do to make your life easier as a CISO, will ultimately result in a more robust security stack and more secure organization.

It’s also why we are currently investing in researching and understanding some of the broader security trends impacting CISOs and how they play into business-wide initiatives. Take a look here at our digital transformation and cloud security reports.

Finally, the need for security solutions that provide a true layer of security for an organization is crucial. The Domain Name System (DNS) is ubiquitous and that’s why it is so important to the security of any organization. By tapping into intelligence within the DNS, spotting malware, phishing, data theft and even DNS hijacking, the network can be protected from malicious actors. Add to this machine learnt algorithms and automation and you can not only detect potentially malicious incidents on the network but you can respond to them.

To read more about how tapping into the DNS layer can enable you to better secure your organization, take a look at this whitepaper on demystifying the DNS.