Velocity – Partnership by Nominet is a GO!

22nd October 2019

Dave Polton
VP Solutions

We’re very proud to announce that today, our new global cyber security partner program, Velocity, has launched!

This is a brilliant step forward for the cyber team as we continue to grow and gain momentum for the Nominet NTX network detection and response solution which has now seen interest across four continents. It’s time to formalize our channel program and lay out our commitment to partners as well as the opportunities we’re offering for growth.

We’re building a channel community that fosters an attitude for success. Training and development are central to the new three-tiered program and means that we can generate the skills among our partners that will enable them to succeed as technical business partners, finding solutions and tapping into opportunities which others can’t. Our success in cyber security and experience in running critical infrastructure, has given us unparalleled experience and technical resources to support our partners, and it’s this that we’ll be drawing on to generate growth across the board.

There is a huge network detection and response opportunity on the horizon, and in formalizing our partner program we are creating a structure where all of our partners can both realize and replicate success.

More on the Velocity Partnership program

The Nominet Velocity Partnership program has three tiers and is designed to attract new partners with generous entry-level incentives but also offer scope for growth. Indeed, if partners make “Power” status within 12 months, all deals within that time will be retrospectively rewarded.

The Nominet Velocity Partnership program tiers are:

  • Tier 1: “Power” partners have been through both technical engineer and sales training. They can demonstrate NTX, technically deploy the solution and support customers on their NTX journey. These partners, in return, receive the healthiest rebates and discounts, as well as access to the full Marketing Development Fund.
  • Tier 2: “Acceleration” partners have participated in Nominet’s sales training session, ensuring that they are adequately equipped to talk authoritatively about NTX and can work with technical distributors and/or the Nominet technical team for the full demonstration and deployment.
  • Tier 3: “Motion” partners are at the entry level of their relationship with Nominet. While margin is still generous, with easily available and succinctly delivered training and support from the Nominet team, these partners will benefit from moving up the tiers to take advantage of the more favorable financial incentives and knowledge building.

Contact us today if you’d like to join us as a partner!