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27th September 2019

Stuart Reed
VP Products

Our cyber world has been growing and, as well as the evolution of NTX, – check out Digital Brand Safe, for example – our team has grown too. We’ve come along way over the past year and that’s why we’re thrilled to be recognized for our first product award in the Computing Security Awards!

We’re up for the Threat Intelligence Award; a testament to the unrivaled insight we’ve been able to glean for our customers into the threats attacking their networks. From detecting and stopping the BIND Bug to preventing Cutwail and Confiker causing damage on the network, we’ve brought together valuable insight found in the DNS layer with the ability to detect, block and defend the network.

We’re also shortlisted for The ‘One to Watch’ Security Company which really exemplifies where we stand as a security business. While we’ve no doubt taken great strides forward in the past few years, the best is yet to come. Network Detection and Response is used by some of the most risk averse organizations in the world to protect against both known and unknown threats. It is only a matter of time before even more enterprises and other governments tap into the DNS for protection. What’s more, we have teams of researchers and engineers working hard to really push the limits of this innovation – watch this space!

Voting closes on October 8th, so before the time is up, we’d be extremely thankful if you’d give us a vote!


A big thanks from all of us here at Nominet Cyber!

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