Haas F1 chooses Nominet to drive cyber security

Nominet, a trusted solutions provider in the field of cyber security, has partnered with Rich Energy Haas F1 Team to provide their services as the American-owned organization competes globally in the FIA Formula One World Championship.

The team will utilize Nominet’s NTX cyber security solution to keep its data networks secure, benefitting from its ability to analyze DNS (Domain Name System) traffic to predict, detect and block threats from the network before they cause harm.

Haas F1 will deploy NTXsecure, the version of the product that combines advanced DNS traffic collection and analysis with a fully managed DNS resolver. This service means that Nominet’s team of cyber security analysts can detect and quickly respond to threats to Haas F1’s networks and devices in real time.

“Data security is imperative for us with offices in the United States, United Kingdom and Italy,” said Guenther Steiner, Team Principal of Rich Energy Haas F1 Team. “I’m pleased we’re now able to utilize the expertise of Nominet as we compete globally, and in a fast-moving business that depends heavily on protecting items such as intellectual property (IP) and performance data.”

Safe digital transformation

After four years of building the technology platform necessary to support the team’s revolutionary business plan, CIO Gary Foote is looking forward to the digital transformation process that will see technology delivering real benefits — in performance on the track and to the wider organization.

Gary is aware that the benefits of digital transformation can only be realized if the organization is protected: “Security plays a huge role in digital transformation. As we start to step outside the confines of the core service, we’re obviously going to be introducing risk to the business and we’ve got to make sure that our security platform is continuously evolving, as we start to branch out.”

“The benefit NTX brings to Haas F1 is an additional layer onto our security platform,” he added. “By adding layers and keeping up with the technology we’re making sure that we’re always one step ahead of the threats.”

Haas F1 car driving fast
Revolutionary techniques

“I’ve been hugely impressed by the embedded deep packet inspection and machine learning technology that’s been developed - which now underpins our proactive approach to data security.” Rich Energy Haas F1 Team CISO, Gary Foote.

Haas driver in a helmet
Trust: Haas F1 needs the best protection

The back door to data for cyber criminals is via the DNS, so it needs to be protected - Nominet NTX can do this. It removes the known bad using threat intelligence, then, crucially, applies Nominet’s unique algorithms, eliminating the unknown bad as well.

Haas F1 car driving fast
Speed is imperative

NTX identifies previously unknown malicious domains 10 days earlier than other intelligence solutions. On average, it also identifies phishing domains 7 days earlier. This significantly shortens the time during which attacks can be launched - speed is as important in the fight against malware as it is to winning an F1 race.

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Full and mobile protection

Haas F1 Team will be protected wherever it goes because NTX needs no endpoint software installed. Its unique analytic engine works at the heart of the network and protects IP and performance data as soon as the team has set up.

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Cutting through network noise

The Nominet NTX solution is quick to install and offers immediate protection. With minimal network touch points it also introduces minimal latency. By cutting down the noise on your network, NTX complements your existing security stack, making every other component more effective.

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Protecting key assets

“Cybercrime and data security are amongst the biggest threats facing both industry and sport right now. It represents a huge challenge to technology professionals tasked with securing their businesses data and IP – both of which are critical assets.” Rich Energy Haas F1 Team CISO, Gary Foote

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