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Strong internal foundations are key to withstanding external threats
Computer Weekly | 30 May 2022

The tipping point: What’s next for national cyber security?
SC Magazine | 28 May 2022

Crypto Hacks Aren’t a Niche Concern; They Impact Wider Society
Dark Reading | 24 May 2022

Increasing the effectiveness of multi-government cyber takedowns
TechRadar Pro | 5 May 2022

Cyber attackers’ NFT blockchain heist nets hundreds of million in stolen cryptocurrency
ITPro | 30 March 2022

Ronin Network Cryptocurrency Hack, Experts Commentary
Information Security Buzz | 30 March 2022

The Best Defense Is a Good Offense: How to Beat Ransomware
Infosecurity Magazine | 25 March 2022

NCSC Warns UK Organizations to Prepare for Russian Cyber-Attacks
Infosecurity Magazine | 28 January 2022

UK Government Launches First Ever Cyber Security Strategy
Silicon UK | 26 January 2022

Government regulation is the answer to addressing cyber-threats
Digital Journal | 5 January 2022

‘Ruthless’ Vice Society claims responsibility for Spar ransomware attack
Tech Monitor | 4 January 2022


Building cyber security on a national level
TechRadar Pro | 28 October 2021

Multi-government operation targets REvil ransomware group
Computer Weekly | 22 October 2021

How to become a cyber security expert
IT Pro | 8 October 2021

Security experts weigh in on United Nations hacking breach
ITBrief Australia | 13 September 2021

Security experts weigh in on United Nations hacking breach
SecurityBrief AU | 13 September 2021

Exclusive: Taking a collaborative approach towards cybersecurity
Security Journal UK | 3 September 2021

Big Tech pledges billions to bolster U.S. cybersecurity defenses
TechCrunch | 26 August 2021

Openness and collaboration are needed when responding to ransomware
Digital Journal | 18 August 2021

Collaboration is the key to protecting critical national infrastructure
Help Net Security | 18 August 2021

Indictments, Attribution Unlikely to Deter Chinese Hacking, Researchers Say
Threatpost | 21 July 2021

Germany to face increased cyber attacks ahead of elections
Security Buyer | 15 July 2021

South Korean nuclear institute breached. Was North Korea behind this?
Digital Journal | 02 July 2021

European Union to set up new cyber response unit
Computer Weekly | 23 June 2021

North Korea is ramping up cyberattacks on South Korean targets
Tech Monitor | 22 June 2021

Protecting CNI: It’s About the Collective
Infosecurity Magazine | 11 June 2021

Italy Proposes Cybersecurity Agency to Boost Data Security
Bank Info Security | 10 June 2021

Russian hackers launch major cyberattack through U.S. aid agency’s email system, Microsoft says
CNBC | 28 May 2021

Irish health system targeted in ‘serious’ ransomware attack
Washington Post | 14 May 2021

Inside The UK’s Active Cyber Defense Program
Security Week | 12 May 2021

Major US fuel pipeline shut down by cybercriminals in ransomware attack
Verdict | 10 May 2021

Cyber-Attack on Belgian Parliament
Infosecurity Magazine | 05 May 2021

Major UK university hit by cyberattack, stopping classes
Digital Journal | 20 April 2021

Iran’s Natanz Cyberattack Blamed On Israel
Silicon UK | 14 April 2021

Iran Nuclear Facility Potential Cyber Attack – What Expert Says
Information Security Buzz | 13 April 2021

Security Think Tank: US security efforts may centre on collaboration
Computer Weekly | 12 March 2021

Ransomware “Paralyzes” Spanish Employment Agency
Infosecurity Magazine | 11 March 2021

CISA orders agencies to fix Microsoft vulnerabilities abused by Chinese hackers
IT Pro | 04 March 2021

UK government stresses use of Protective Domain Name Service
Digital Journal | 22 February 2021

NCSC cyber defence scheme blocked thousands of scams in 2019
Computer Weekly | 19 February 2021

Investigators seize control of the EMOTET bot in international operation
Computing Security | 02 February 2021

End of Emotet: A blow to cyber crime, but don’t drop your guard
Computer Weekly | 28th January 2021

Security Think Tank: Are security teams the unsung heroes of 2020?
Computer Weekly | 20th January 2021

Protective DNS aims to protect remote workers from malware attack
ZDNet | 19th January 2021

NCSC launches service for safer digital roaming
UKAuthority | 18th January 2021

Cybersecurity Predictions for 2021 – The Expert’s Round-Up
Tech Round | 11th January 2021


Security Long Reads: Cyber insiders reveal what’s to come in 2021
Computer Weekly | 24th December 2020

Q&A: The rise of the cloud could rain down cybersecurity risks
Digital Journal | 18th December 2020

Supporting your security team remotely
Security Magazine | 8th December 2020

China’s tech authoritarianism too big to contain
Politico | 20th November 2020

Security sector broadly backs Boris Johnson’s Cyber Force
Computer Weekly | 19th November 2020

DDoS mitigation strategies needed to maintain availability during pandemic
Computer Weekly | 12th November 2020

Isentia reeling after suspected ransomware attack
InfoSecurity Magazine | 28th October 2020

Nominet selected to deliver PSN DNS services for CCS

Defence Online | 22nd October 2020

Why securing the DNS layer is crucial to fight cyber crime

Computer Weekly | 21st October 2020

Collaboration the way forward for government cybersecurity
Digitalisation World | 23rd September 2020

Ex-NCSC boss Ciaran Martin joins cyber venture capital outfit
Computer Weekly | 18th September 2020

Nominet Cyber survey: 80% of of government cyber security leaders think public-private collaboration would help them keep pace with cyber threats
WiredGov | 17th September 2020

Rialto school district hit by cyber attack
Digital Journal | 27th August 2020

Double extortion ransomware attacks and how to stop them
Computer weekly | 27th August 2020

New Zealand stock exchange hit by cyberattack
IT Security Guru | 26th August 2020

The Russia Report: A need for large-scale national protective interventions
InfoSecurity Magazine | 29th July 2020

Blackbaud hack: More UK universities confirm breach
BBC | 24th July 2020

UK top cyber target for Russian hackers | 21st July 2020

Network security firm rolls out latest partner program
Channel Futures | 24th June 2020

Supply chain security and resilience is one of the biggest issues facing the tech sector
Continuity Central | 23rd June 2020

Production at Honda grinds to halt after second cyber attack
Silicon | 10th June 2020

CISO stress – Moving from recognition to action
Computer Weekly | 29th May 2020

EasyJet reports 9 million of its customers have been hacked
Intelligent CISO | 19th May 2020

Security Think Tank: How to manage security team wellbeing
Computer Weekly | 1st May 2020

Israel’s water companies suffer cyber-attack
SC Magazine | 28th April 2020

Cyber support: are financial services companies setting a good example in supporting security staff
Global Banking & Finance Review | 28th April 2020

Interview: Gary Foote, CIO, Haas F1 Team
Infosecurity Magazine | 10th April 2020

Taking Risk Out of the System
Nextgov | 31st March 2020

How can we protect the mental health of cyber security staff and CISOs?
IT Pro | 17th March 2020

How to tackle the insecure mental health of the stressed out Chief Information Security Officer
Diginomica | 10th March 2020

Beyond Burnout: What Is Cybersecurity Doing to Us?
Dark Reading | 13th March 2020

An ex-GCHQ spy’s guide to how to protect your home devices from hackers
Daily Telegraph | 3rd March 2020

The Cost of CISO Stress
BankInfoSecurity | 3rd March 2020

CISOs’ Short Tenure Can Hamper Cyber Defenses 
Wall Street Journal | 18th February 2020

Cath Goulding: The Supply Chain Is Your Cyber Weak Point, Wired Smarter 2019
Wired YouTube | 13th February 2020

Average Tenure Of A CISO Is Just 26 Months Due To High Stress And Burnout 
ZD Net  | 12th February 2020

90% of CISOs Willing To Take Nearly $10k Pay Cut To Improve Work Life Balance
Becker Hospital Review | 7th February 2020

CISOs Stressed By Growing Security Task List, Research Says
IDG Connect | 6th February 2020

Nominet Exec on Why North America ‘Represents A Huge Opportunity’ 
CRN | 5th February 2020

7 Steps to IoT Security in 2020
Dark Reading | 24th January 2020

Security still an afterthought for too many companies
Utility Week | 10th January 2020

UPDATE 3-Travelex staff go back to basics as ransomware cripples systems
CNBC | 8th January 2020

Travelex ransomware hack reduces the money service to using pen and paper
Metro | 8th January 2020

Ask the experts: What will be the biggest cyber security story in 2020
Security Boulevard | 6th January 2020

US Coast Guard base crippled in Ryuk ransomware attack
Silicon Angle | 2nd January 2020

First major reported ransomware attack of 2020 takes maritime base offline
SC Magazine| 2nd January 2020


Ransomware attacks are more mob shakedown and computer hack
PaymentsSource | 24th December 2019

267m Facebook users affected by another data breach, claim experts
Metro | 20th December 2019

Running on Empty: The CISO Burnout Cure
Forbes | 19th December 2019

Cybersecurity predictions for 2020: 45 industry experts have their say
Verdict | 18th December 2019

Where is your threat perimeter
Silicon | 17th December 2019

2020 Security Predictions: Redesign of the Cyber Industry
Digital Journal | 17th December 2019

2020 security predictions: Redesign of the security cyber industry
Digital Journal | 15th December 2019

Nominet brings security expertise and tech to market
Computer Weekly | 2nd December 2019

The compromising position facing CISOs
Information Age | 26th November 2019

Security Think Tank: Stopping data leaks in the cloud
Computer Weekly | 21st November 2019

Cyber attack on Labour is just the beginning, experts warn
The Telegraph | 12th November 2019

Wired Smarter Security Speakers
Wired Smarter | 30th October 2019

Billtrust still recovering from ransomware attack
SC Media | 23rd October 2019

5 phishing scams your business needs to know about
The Times (Raconteur) | 23rd October 2019

Nominet debuts first global partner program
Channel Futures | 22nd October 2019

Cyber Daily: Hospitals face ransomware epidemic; AI could help in privacy compliance
Wall Street Journal | 7th October 2019

US hospitals close doors after ransomware attack | 2nd October 2019

Multicloud businesses face higher breach risk
Dark Reading | 3rd September 2019

CISOs think cloud safer, but security fears remain
Computer Weekly | 3rd September 2019

One million fingerprints exposed by security firm, claim researchers
NS Tech | 15th August 2019

Researchers find huge database of fingerprints and facial recognition images on the internet
IT World Canada | 14th August 2019

Lessons from the Capital One data breach
Banking Strategies | 31st July 2019

Security a challenge in digital transformation
Security Boulevard | 25th July 2019

Security is biggest digital transformation concern
Infosecurity Magazine | 18th July 2019

Digital transformation: Top 5 concerns for CIOs
TechRepublic | 17th July 2019

Haas F1 team leans on service providers as security force multipliers
CSO | 21st May 2019

Toyota reports second breach in five weeks
SC Magazine | 29th March 2019

Nominet launches NTX DNS threat detection platform
eWeek | 1st March 2019

Hottest new cybersecurity products at RSA 2019
CSO | 28th February 2019

Cybersecurity mental health warning – 1 in 6 CISOs now medicate or use alcohol
Forbes | 15th February 2019

Burnout warning: High stress levels impacting CISOs’ physical, mental health
TechRepublic | 14th February 2019