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Understanding and analyzing your DNS traffic is critical to identifying cyber threats to your business. Nominet uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to analyze traffic going through your recursive servers and protect you against threats from the internet.

This unique approach is backed up by our researchers and data scientists who are continually updating and refining our techniques. Our NTX technology enables you to instantly detect single malicious packets hidden in vast quantities of legitimate enterprise data. Predict, detect and block cyber threats before they harm you.

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Preventing phishing

Nominet’s NTX analytics highlight traffic associated with phishing and other social engineering methods. Your users are prevented from accessing domains involved in phishing attacks, stopping downloads from suspicious sites. All such activity is highlighted to security analysts for investigation.

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Stop command-and-control malware

Our NTX analytics engine identifies machines, compromised by malware, attempting to contact command-and-control domains, either as part of a botnet or during data exfiltration attempts. You can sever communications with malicious domains before your users fall victims of such campaigns.

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Stopping data theft

As most corporate firewalls do not block DNS traffic, malicious actors use it to shield data stolen from your organization, hiding it in DNS packets (also known as DNS exfiltration). NTX quickly identifies this, its source and targeted domains, allowing you to immediately block data leaks.

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Detecting DNS hijacking

To an increasing degree, cyber criminals are developing ways of diverting the web and email traffic of your organization to fake destinations, allowing them to monitor and harvest data, as well as gain access to login credentials. But NTX can be used to combat this.

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Combating ransomware

Ransomware attacks are often focused on specific, high-value targets, and use tactics and techniques which avoid traditional detection tools. However, NTX is able to identify zero-day activity not seen by common methods of detection, and eliminates threats before they cause harm. This narrows the window when malicious activity can compromise your network.

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Tap into your DNS intelligence

DNS is a goldmine of intelligence for both business and security teams. Find out about the threats that are hiding inside your network.

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