Security Begins Here

Nominet’s Security Begins Here series captures thoughts and opinions from some of the most influential and vibrant voices in the cyber security industry. We explore the issues organizations are exposed to every day at every level: from digital transformation, to cloud security and cyber confidence. Our series experts draw from first-hand experience to explain how they have dealt with today’s cyber challenges, with advice on how others can better manage security risks.


Stuart Reed - VP Cyber, Nominet

Stuart Reed, VP Cyber at Nominet, considers the digital world that we now live in; how it gives us opportunities, yet how the reliance we have upon technology can make us vulnerable to cyber attacks. Stuart also gives insight into how the board sees the relevance of a CISO role, but they don’t necessarily recognize how they also need to play their part in a good security posture, through enabling the CISO to be successful in their role.

Gary Hibberd, Director at Cyberfort Group, considers how CISOs face a growing challenge of balancing the need to mitigate the threat of cyber attacks from the outside world with the danger of internal negligence that could cause a breach. Talking around the subject of blame, Gary discusses the impact of continuing advancements in technology, the need for cyber to play a central role within the organization and the importance of securing not just the cloud but everything attached to it.

Richard Starnes, Chief Security Strategist at Capgemini, discusses cyber readiness and the role of the cloud in achieving this. Considering the organization’s understanding of risk, Richard talks around the complexity of legacy systems, how best to provide CISOs with the means to focus on protecting against future threats and exactly who should be taking the blame when a breach does occur.

Carmina Lees, MD of Financial Services at Accenture, considers how organizations globally being affected by the race to transform digitally are closing the cyber gap. Discussing how best to balance the benefits of the cloud, Carmina talks around the importance of improving cyber confidence, keeping up with the pace of change and influencing at every level of the organization, highlighting the pressures endured by CISOs on a daily basis.

Cath Goulding, CISO at Nominet, considers how best to gain greater flexibility with the cloud while maintaining solid access control. Setting the scene of security teams as enablers, she talks about the need for open discussion between CISOs and other business leaders within organizations, as well as the need to build trust by treating outsourced security solutions in the same manner as those managed in-house.

Becky Pinkard, CISO of Aldermore Bank, discusses why strong data security is crucial in gaining a competitive advantage. She talks about the need for transparency with regards to risk management around cloud in allaying the fears of senior business leaders and customers alike, and how visibility is key to building cyber confidence and dissipating some of the stresses of being a CISO in a world of increasing cyber threat.

CEO of Veridium, James Stickland, discusses why cyber should be considered an integral part of every project a business assumes, from digital transformation to cloud adoption, ensuring security teams, senior leaders, partners and customers are confident in the security posture of the organization.

Security expert and former head of Scotland Yard’s Police National Cyber Crime Unit, Charlie McMurdie discusses her views on the importance of speed, agility and ingenuity in the battle to defend against the actions of those committing felonies online, taking into consideration the level of confidence in the cloud and accountability demonstrated by those working within organizations globally.

Shan Lee is CISO and DPO at TransferWise, a financial company for people who travel, live and work internationally. In this video he discusses his views on security culture in the workplace, as well as the challenges companies face in the fast-evolving world of cloud security and cyber confidence.

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